How to pull an off-shoulder top!


  • Accentuate the neck

With a bold piece, you can really make your outfit pop! If you have a printed top try balancing out the necklace with a dainty piece, this will be giving the illusion of a slimmer neckline and also avoiding a busy combo. 

  • Where are my earrings?

Tossing out that necklace and putting on your favorite statement earrings is sometimes the way to go! Earrings are a perfect way to frame your face and give you that effortless look. 

  • How to : avoid clashing of accessories!

One thing my momma taught me is you can’t always wear everything in one outfit. So either you pick your statement earrings or wear that bold necklace, because a combo can break your outfit if it’s not paired correctly. Wearing studs with a busy necklace, or pairing your earrings with a watch and a party of bracelets can balance out your accessories. Also a hat is a good pair with anything you put on, don’t be afraid to try that extra uumf!

  • Wear your hair up

Wearing your hair up in a stylish messy bun, can really bring out your outfit, especially with the off-shoulder top! It’s a chic way of showing off your new  look. Or try a milkmaid braid, with loose ends at the back of the hairstyle and in the side of your ears, to accentuate your face. 

  • Hope these tips helped to get your outfit going!💕

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