Rocker Tee 🤘🏼

I love Vintage things! 

T-shirts, dresses, accessories, you name it! Here’s a little bit of what I paired my outfit with and where I got my stuff! 

When I search for something I love and want, I don’t stop. I found these really inexpensive band shirts at JcPenney for only $11 each. Why buy some $60 vintage shirt when you can buy a new band shirt and wear it out, how you want it! 

I stole these shades from my sisters closet, they’re from Steve Madden, I love the style these brands are coming up with! 

Here in Texas, when things get Hot 🔥 you aim for those shorts! I like distressed denim, the more faded and ripped up the better. These shorts are my favorite boyfriend style from Charlotte Russe. 

Vintage tees can be paired up with a lot of items in your closet if you really think about it. 

If you wanna head out to a casual movie date, pair it up with some denim jeans and a black leather jacket and some casual shoes like red flats to stand out or black vans to make it more subtle.Or if your having a GNO, grab that blazer and some black faux leather leggings and nude heels and bam! You’re the hottie of the group! 

My family and I travel to Mexico a lot, we go to Leon, Guanajuato – the main city where shoes are made. Picture it- shoe heaven! When you live here down south, having boots is something you must have in your closet. Ask any true Texan.

  • Led Zeppelin Shirt – JcPenney Online
  • Cowboy Riding Boots -(Leon,Guanajuato) sorry guys I really don’t know where I got them.
  • Earrings – earthbound Trading
  • Shades – Steve Madden  
  • Boyfriend Shorts – Charlotte Russe

Led Zeppelin Shirt

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