Memorial Day Weekend! 

Hey guys ! 

I wanted to tell you a little bit about me before I go on!

My name is Selene and I’m 24, I live in The Rio Grande Valley in a city named Weslaco down in Texas! I have a wonderful husband to be-who everyone calls Roey and a beautiful one year old boy named Alexiares (Ale for short). 

This weekend we spent it in San Antonio walking around the Riverwalk, playing some Top Golf, Six Flags and the San Antonio zoo, with Roey’s family. It was amazing and relaxing for us all. 

What a weekend! We were blessed with great weather, since it was for forecasted to rain through the day but not a single drop came down. The hotel we stayed at was going through major renovation, but it made up for it when we all heard about happy hour and free drinks in the evening and free breakfast in the morning. 

Six Flags was my favorite part, my heart lives for the thrills. My favorite roller coaster to ride on was the Iron Rattler, it had crazy drops and I was holding on for dear life screamin my head off! 

We took Ale to his  kiddie rides and his favorite part was the mini water park. This is him below, at first he was a big chicken not wanting to get wet but we pushed him a little and at the end he did not want to leave.

When we were close to leaving to go get dinner, my outfit and hair did not matter anymore!  It was crazy hot and the lines got a little ridiculous. 

The next day we went to the San Antonio Zoo.

It is truly a beautiful zoo, with lots of cool animals and gorgeous scenery of plants and flowers. We wish we had more time to spend here but we were running out of time and ready to go home. 

Let me know what you guys did this Memorial Day weekend! I love to hear your stories! 💕

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