7 things to Wear : Six Flags, San Antonio Texas 

What a vacation! If you read what I did on my last post, this would help to connect the dots.

It has been years since I’ve been to an amusement park let alone six flags. I did not know what to wear! 


So here’s a 7 tips on what to wear,what to bring and what not to wear.

  1. Texas equals Heat and sun. So remember protecting your skin is a priority. If you’re thinking of wearing makeup, put something that provides you with some protection. I like wearing True Match from Ulta for that extra skin protection. I only wore a light layer for that reason since I was gonna be outside and probably getting wet.
  2. Pack a Bathing suit, you never know if you’re gonna get wet! Pack an extra pair of clothes too! My bathing suit is from GAP, here’s a similar style 💕I wore it underneath my outfit. Don’t worry about carrying it around, they always have lockers to put your stuff away.
  3. Hat/Cap – anything to protect your hair too! Being in the sun too long can cause damage to your hair. Wearing a cap or a hat will give you a little shade. My favorite cap from LIDS did the trick! 
  4. Shorts! Or something waterproof or comfortable that you can wear if you get wet. In my case I totally regret wearing these ripped up boyfriend shorts, maybe for another occasion but six flags wasn’t it. Since they are boyfriend they get loose as you wear them throughout the day. 😓
  5. A Light loose shirt or tank top. I love this shirt since it’s so light! Although I would totally get a tank top or wear something to show my bathing suit top just to spruce it up a bit
  6. Light Jewelry- or no jewelry! What if you’re riding the batman and your favorite earrings fly off! I’m only giving you a heads up girls! . Don’t wear loose jewelry, I ended up wearing simple studs that I didn’t mind losing, some stretchy bracelets and a simple necklace from Fossil, here’s a cute similar style
  7. Wear comfy sandals or sneakers, and ones that when you do get wet they don’t hurt. I wore my Sanuk shoes. Let me tell you these pairs of shoes are an investment! If you ever come across this brand, buy them! You’ll thank me later. 😋 

So if you’re planning on a trip to an amusement park, hopefully this helps clears things up! ❤️

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