Walking In Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans have become my favorite style of jeans! I know their tricky to wear,but in a minute I’ll help you figure out what you need to rock out these bad boys!

There are 3 things when buying a pair of boyfriend jeans. 

  1. TRY IT ON! – If it feels loose around the leg and thigh area, that’s normal, boyfriend jeans are made that way. But if it feels like its overwhelming your body, maybe its not the right fit, or just down size.
  2. What do you own in your closet? – Wearing a top for a boyfriend jean is the most difficult part, I like pairing my jeans with a flowy or loose top. Every time I go shopping I make sure to think what I already own so I wont struggle. I’ve learned that pairing a snug T-shirt or throwing some layers over, can also make the outfit. Don’t drown yourself with clothes though, remember about proportions.

  3. Heels 👠 – This is the time to wear your heels, trust me girl this will make your outfit stand out. So while your in the fitting room trying these loose jeans on, (if your are not already wearing heels) stand on your tippy toes, and pretend what it would be like if you did have those sexy things on.  Wearing boyfriend jeans can make some of us look a little frumpy, with heels you’ll show an illusion of being long, lean and chic. Throw some booties on or wedges, but get some height in there – wearing sneakers or flats can throw off the proportion since the jeans are loose fitted from your thighs and legs, so that gives the illusion of being shorter or wider.

Wanna know more about my outfit – 💕

Check out the deets below!

“You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create”

-Sophia Amoruso


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