Casual Days 

There are always those days that you just don’t wanna be full on glam. So we settle for the laid back girl, with the bun in her hair and subtle makeup. 

Here’s how I do laid back ⬇️⬇️

  • Summer Feel: Might as well call it summer time! I love grabbing my favorite pair of hunter green shorts, they pretty much go with anything. Check below to see where I got them! 
  • Color Your World: Sometimes when my outfit looks a little bland, I like to pump it  up with some color! I mostly do it with my accessories so it looks like I actually tried. *Shout out to my Boyfriend for picking out my accessories*

  • Going Somewhere?: I love using flats on my bum days! I love using these shoes because Leopard print goes with -literally anything because this print is considered neutral. Your outfit will look put together and chic.
  • Neutrality with Black: Sometimes I just work with a whole dark palette when it is just that kind of day. I even bring out my black handbag (if I do go anywhere, even visit my parents). In this case I used it with this outfit because it just goes! It’s also a neutral so no matter what you wear, black will coincide. 

Here are the features of my Outfit:

  • Gray Top: Forever 21
  • Green Shorts: JCP
  • Flats: Cosmopolitan Jcp (Discontinued)


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