☀️ Day N’ Night 🌙

Not giving you the Kid Cudi version -🙈

but I am going to give you the details of how to make a day time outfit turn into a night time outfit during the summer!

You can basically do this with any simple dress!

Here are some things you want to get from your closet

(or from your moms, bff, sisters- you know the favorite stuff ).

Daytime Outfit:

– Let that dress be what it is in the day, that means just a little bit of jewelry here and there. Don’t over power it with a jacket (not yet) the sun is out so there is no need for one. The only jacket that can be used is denim, but only if you really need it! I consider denim jackets as an accessory.

-It’s the summer time, bring out your wedges! These types of shoes are a must during the summer. Find your favorite pair and pop them on!

– Do a little color. Don’t be shy! Express yourself with some neon pink or yellow, you can do it in the most subtle ways if you want, like a pair of earrings, the print on your dress, or with your shoes. Make sure you stay subtle and not wear them head to toe.

– Short Stuff! I love wearing short dresses, it’s the time to show off a little leg and it’s easier to wear with this heat. Although I also love wearing maxi dresses; nothing beats wearing a flowy dress under the summer sun.

I consider myself a nighttime owl, I love having fun when the moon is out! 🌙

For me it’s always fun to dress in my night time outfits! I love pairing up my booties  if I feel spunky or wearing my heels if I feel a little sexy.

Let me tell you how to dress up your basic dress to a night outfit!

Now you can bring out your jacket! I took my momma’s blazer from her closet (because I love it!) to make it edgy. Blazers are the casual cool in the summer, although my all time favorite jacket to wear is a moto jacket- let’s face it, it’s summer and even at night it gets a little hot.

-For that edgy feel, bring out the booties! They will always make your outfit look cute with a casual  edge.

– For that sexy feel, take your heels! Since its Summer time, take out those sexy heeled sandals you have boxed up and take them out for a spin!

-Don’t forget about your handbag it is a must and it can help you carry your most valuable possessions. I prefer a clutch in the night time but sometimes taking a handbag like the one below, can make the outfit. Remember to go with the flow.

Here are the details of my day time outfit!

Night Time 

  • Blazer: JCP
  • Handbag: Kate Spade
  • Booties: JCP – Here is a similar style, these that I am wearing are discontinued.
  • Accessories: Necklace -Mom’s Closet ( she actually bought it at the flea market for $3), Bracelets- Fossil

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