The Infamous Skirt 

There are days when I just look at my closet wondering what I can make out of what I have. “I have nothing to wear!” I say to myself, just like every other woman staring at her closet. Sometimes I wished I lived in NYC in Sex and the City times with Sarah Jessica Parker – no limits in fashion, no cell phones, minimum technology – younger times.

Here’s a little something I want to share ; My interest in fashion, roots within me so deep I can taste it. I’ve been doodling, drawing, painting since I could hold a pencil in my hand. When I graduated High School I wanted to attend The Art Institute in Dallas so badly, since they offered fashion design in a famous big city down in Texas. However, tuition there is ridiculous! I fell into other priorities so that dream went into a huge pause, and I felt like I was never going to get there. Ever since I did this little blog my inspiration to draw and get into fashion has bloomed inside of me, I feel so inspired everyday by looking at other bloggers on YouTube, here on WordPress, and Instagram. I feel like if these people can do it whether they do it for fun or for business, I could definitely do it too. Fashion & Art is something I was born to do, I know it! I don’t think anyone can stop me now! Lets see where this takes me…


Let me tell you a funny story about this damn skirt! Thanks to my mom, she got me this skirt which I was admiring at New York & Co. It was so different and beautiful, the texture, the color, everything. I had to have it in my closet,  & I let it go because it was about $100! 😓

I wasn’t about to drop a sweet Benjamin right there. A couple days later I went to my mom’s house where she surprised me with the skirt! Yes! I was so thankful, lucky for her (and myself) the skirts were misplaced for $20. When I tried it on I felt that damn store sensor, so we had to take it back. I waited weeks before I could wear it. I wanted to put it on already! I was getting impatient. Luckily I had my younger sister home from school, and she was on her way to McAllen so she could take my skirt?! My mind has been foggy lately and sometimes I forget to mention details, like telling my sister to just take the skirt to the store so they just take the sensor off. So off she went and when she came back, she didn’t have it anymore! It was returned! Nooooooooooo! I was so mad – at everyone no joke! I loved that skirt! 😭

The next day I went with my mom to the mall, to hopefully get the skirt back in the right size and at the price she bargained for! 

I thought to myself if it’s not there and if we don’t get it for that price, it wasn’t meant to be. That’s my motto for everything in life, I just let the universe work itself out for me. 

It was there, the last one in my size and we got it for that same price. Thank you God! 😌

It’s now the infamous skirt. 

 So there it is, a little piece of me and my big thought bubble. Here’s to any dreams that you  are living and those who are on their way to dreaming it. Hopefully I inspired you in some way or made you laugh.  

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle”
-Abraham Lincoln 

Outfit Details: 

-Rolling Stones Shirt: JCP

-Skirt: New York & Co.

-Shoes: Vince Camuto


– Watch: Fossil

-Bracelets: Fossil & JCP


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