☀️Summer Sixteen

Hey guys! 

Just getting back here after a good relaxing weekend. Sunday was spent at the beach with my family, I have to say it is one of my favorite places to be. I love the feeling of being under the sun and in the waves, especially around this time since my son enjoys laying and splashing in the water. 

He just loves to be in the sand. ☀️

We spent our time down in South Padre Island, just an hour away from home. This is one of the many reasons that I like about living here in the valley. Sure it gets hot, but the beach is not far from here – it’s like a mini vacation once you’re there. 

We practically stayed there all day – drinking, eating, talking, and reminiscing. After awhile the cold air started to swoop, so we packed our things and went to eat a late dinner at Pier 19, just off the cosway. Another thing that I love about the beach is that there is seafood everywhere, just thinking about it makes my mouth water 😍. 

Thank God for summertime, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach and sun and hopefully give you a good tan. By the end of the day it was time to drive home and get ready for Monday. 

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