Black & White

Sometimes all you need is a little simplicity in life. Simplicity within yourself, in what surrounds you, and in what you need…. Your wardrobe!

Here are a few pieces from my closet, detailing that even the simplest attire can go well as long as you have the right accessories.

If you checked out my blog below: The Best Basic Essentials, then you’ve seen this look.

I’m wearing the few pieces I previously detailed. These are great to match with anything if you need to run out of your house quick!

My favorite part of this outfit are my nude heels from Target. They’re on sale now so grab them quick before they’re gone! I also paired up this woven hat that I purchased there as well. I also love pairing a watch with something as simple as wearing sandals and my rock tee when I just have to run out the door!

So yeah, I’m usually a late kinda person!

I always run out of time!

I usually go in my super casual outfit when I wake up at 7am to get ready to go to school- which starts at 8am and still have a 15-30 min commute. I have a 1 year old who I still have to take to my moms just so she can watch him in the meantime and I never forget to put on my watch before I leave. 😌

Here are a few tips to get that super simple outfit ready in which you will thank your past self in the future:

– 👚 Iron your shirt before hand . Keep it for emergencies if anything, that means don’t wear it unless you are 10 minutes late for work!

-👖Keep your jeans hanging/folded. Don’t crumble them up, the wrinkles are not gonna fade and your just gonna look like a mess.

– ⌚️Earrings and a watch! Those are the best accessories to wear to look like at least you tried. Oh and no, you don’t have to wear both at the same time.

-🚿Have time to shower? Take a quick body shower hurry!

– 🛀🏽No time to do your hair? Shampoo your hair, do your thing and use mousse, yes I use mousse and it works great- it doesn’t make my hair frizzy! Or better yet salt spray. Bring a hair tie, just in case.

Get it girl! You look bomb!

Hopefully I helped ✌🏼️ Until next time

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