Girl Boss Business Wear

It’s 6am when your alarm rings on a lazy Monday morning, you snooze it for another 10 minutes and you dread the next awaiting ring. Then the questions pop up in your mind, How much sleep did you get?  Is it worth getting out of bed for work? Is there time to make coffee? What if I fake sick today? I pay rent and bills, there’s no way I’m calling in today!

Then the hardest part of your morning comes up – what to wear? Well hey girl, I got you! I have a few simple outfits to help you to get ready for work, hopefully these inspire you to get your busy day going. Also keep reading to check out what my favorite store’s  to shop at for just this occasion.


 No matter what anyone says, when your first going for an interview you always have to dress to impress, because what they first see is what your future employers judge. always plan accordingly to prepare your self from your hair to your toes. Here are a few tips to nail that interview:

-Iron your clothes! If you are about to get a professional job, you have to stay looking sharp. The first thing managers look at is if you care enough to take care of yourself, that means everything about you is clean, cut and neat.

-The dark nail polish, is a  no no! You can always paint them dark later when you have the job or if they let you paint them at all. A suggestion would be to not have them painted , maybe with a clear coat or at least with a nude color, something that is not so loud.

-Style your hair! That would be the first thing on my list before an interview. Do your best to make yourself look sharp and pretty. One of my favorite hairstyles I like to do is a slick back low pony, with a side part or just slick straight hair.

-Rock the heels! Something about wearing heels makes me feel powerful and in charge.

-Black & Gray are the colors to go to when going to an interview, it not only makes it easy to pair outfits with but those are the main colors for a professional to wear.
The Outfit:

Button Up Top: Arizona JCP 

(Here’s a similar style)

Dress Pants: NYC&CO ( Here’s a similar style)

Shoes: JCP

Watch: Skagen


Congratulations you got the job! Now on with waking up early in the morning to get your life together so you can get that money.

 When going to your professional job, you don’t always have to pair up black with white or black on black. Chances are if you get your attire to be the same everyday, you’ll have the slowest energy through out your day. Here is an ensemble I worked on to add a little twist on that original black and white outfit. I worked with a black skirt that has few pleated accents on the back with a collarless printed white blouse.

Invest in three kinds  of shoes:

  1. Black Shoes: They are the most convenient shoes you can wear, because they go with almost everything!
  2. Pointed: No matter if its flats or heels, pointed style shoes are the ultimate business wear shoe. If you are wearing heels, don’t forget to bring those extra shoes. Everyone brings them, they just don’t tell you.
  3. Gold Flats: They are the neutral spicy shoe, they literally will make your outfit pop and make you look effortless. They match with anything you can wear, just be careful with what style of shoe you choose, my favorite are the pointed and loafer.

The Outfit:

Blouse: TJMaxx ( Here’sa similar style)

Skirt: Forerver 21 (Here’s a similiar style)

Shoes: Neutralizer


 Similar to the previous outfit, you can always play up your colors. I love finding fun flirty professional shirts that make you look chic. Don’t be afraid to wear these silky style shirts or those ruffle tops – they make you look put together and give you an extra fun flair. The tip is not to over do it with the bottoms or the color that you are wearing. Keep it simple and you will look effortless.


The Outfit:

Blouse: Worthington From JCP 

(Here’s a Similiar silk top)

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden (Here’s a Similiar color lace up style flat)

Watch: Michael Kors


This heat will just want to make you stay in your short shorts and spaghetti shirt all day, but unless you are working from home you just have to suck it up and wear pants. In the summer time skirts are your go to bottoms, you can always fluctuate between pants – but remember don’t wear body con style skirts or dresses in the work place. My all time favorite pant style is the non-denim style pant and the straight dress pant.

Experiment with short sleeve style blouses for work, like the one I tried on, just to make the outfit complete without really making it complete. Although it is ok to wear short sleeve blouses one thing to not wear is no sleeve tops, it is a little risky but one thing I learned from being a manager and working in retail, it’s if you question what you are wearing follows guidelines, most likely it is not okay. 

When it comes to accessories try adding a belt in your outfits if you believe it counts for one, belts are the best accessories to add to a professional outfit.

The Outfit:

Blouse: JCP 

Pants: BCBG (discontinued)

Shoes: AK Sport



This is for the casual professional, who has more than long days. One accessory to build to a teachers wardrobe is a denim jacket,you can use it with even the most dressed up outfit. To the ladies who can wear their heels to school and last all day, I give you major props – one of the cute professional flats are loafer style, they are so different and comfortable.


Midi dress: Joe Fresh

Denim Jacket: Decree JCP

Flats: Cosmopolitan JCP (discontinued)
Here are the best places to shop for your business wear: 

-JCP: They have a lot of selections from tops and shoes. 

-NY&CO : This is my favorite place to shop for bottoms

BCBG: Although some prices are a little high, they have really nice pieces to invest in that you could use for almost any occasion, to work then out for drinks. 

xoxo -Texassultry






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