DIY • Side Slit Up Tee ✂️

So the other day I was going through my old clothes that I didn’t wear anymore and things that are just taking up space in my closet. Before I do anything with them I take them to my sister’s see what they want, we often trade clothes – although they are a size smaller than I am, I get ideas in how to wear them or use them. 

I pretty much do the same with my boyfriends tees. Like his old baseball shirts that used to fit him in the high school days, I get to keep them and wear them around the house. 

So here’s where I’m going with this story..

My sister’s actually wanted to give away clothes they didn’t want. Garage sales are too much work and going to Plato’s closet just isn’t worth it – just so they can take 3 shirts out of the 2 trash bags full of really good taken care of clothes and give you 7 bucks for it? Yeah, no.

So I got motivated and started going to places were they buy off clothes or places to donate them like goodwill and Texas Thrift. 

But Being the shopping addict that I am, I got distracted and maybe carried away with looking through the clothes. I found several items that I fell in love with, especially in the men’s side. Seriously, one persons old clothes is someone else’s treasure.

Here’s a Thrifted Tee I cut up and Revamped: 

Here are the 3 things you need: 

– Fabric Scissors ,a Pencil  and that old shirt

Set it up and here’s what you do:

1.Draw your outline

If you’re like me, don’t get carried away and start cutting everything. Set up your lines with  a pencil. 

I drew a first line on both sides and figured out that I want it to extend them more. So I lined it up a little bit more towards the center of the shirt, giving it a wider triangular shape. 

2.Dont be afraid

Here comes the scary part…

Great! You cut up your piece, now that that’s over , you can really measure up and see if you need more of a exaggerated line or just clean up your edges.

3. Last

To give it that extra edgyness to the shirt, draw a V-neck line on the collar of the shirt to add on the distressed look. Make sure that when you do this you make a wide V shape outline. 

So at first, I didn’t like the way I cut it at the end , so I ended up cutting off the whole collar around the edge of the seam and keeping the V shape. It turned out pretty cool! 


Now I pretty much got all my old clothes back and I wondered how am I gonna make this interesting enough to wear again? Even though I just bought more clothes! 

It’s a never ending cycle everyone. 

-✌🏼️ Texas Sultry 

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