Classic Calvin K. πŸ‘–

A couple of weeks ago I was on a mission. I was looking for some cool old vintage tees and maybe some jeans, man did I find a goldmine.

I picked up these vintage high waisted button up Calvin Klein Jeans in this thrift store down McAllen called Texas Thrift.
Their denim texture and color is so unique, it is something that’s hard to find! In my mind I already knew what I wanted to do….

Cut them up, but when I tried them on they looked so awesome and they have off a boyfriend jean vibe and I’m a sucker for that style.

Growing up I always had the patience to shop for clothing, shoes and whatever you can wear and hang in your closet. My mom taught me to always look at the sale section first and usually  the sale section has a lot of merchandise all jammed up together. I had the patience because I was on a mission to find that good piece and I was gonna go through everything, and I did.

Same goes with online shopping, when I find something I’m obsessed with and I have to have it, I look until I can’t find it. Then I’ll look some other day, because I’ll remember what I wanted in the first place. 

I guess that goes to show that I’ll never give up, not even if I take a little break in between.

All you gotta have is patience and if your really patient you might just find what your really looking for. πŸ’‹

Here are the details of my outfit: 

Megadeath Vintage Tee: Thrifted

Calvin Klein Jeans: Thrifted

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Shades & Watch: Fossil

Belt: Forever21

Patience is key to life. ✌🏼️ | Texas sultry 

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