Retail Therapy

You know I get a little lost in my days after the weekend is over. I stop looking at the calendar all the time and just rely on the clock, I spend my time reading and going through the Internet to get ideas on what to write about and I also spend it looking at clothes online…

Right now Im obsessing over this shopping app called Poshmark, I know I have been blasting it everywhere, but I have to let the world know how great it is! It is a first to second hand retail app, where people trade, buy and sell clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories etc. 

Recently I’ve been shopping and browsing there and so far it’s been great! If this convinces you to sign up – get it Here with the code HFMDO and get $5 added to your Poshmark balance. 

A couple weeks ago I got around to buying this cute vest from MISS ME jeans. This piece is so cute and I was excited when I got it in the mail! Well honestly my boyfriend was the one who received it and I had to stand there like a deer in headlights, caught red handed with a credit card in my hand. 


Let me explain what this app has to offer. Basically you can follow people who have good items on their Poshmark, if you are interested you can counteroffer what you want to buy, if it’s ok with the seller then you have a deal.

 If however, you got what you ordered and do not like what you received you have a return policy that is liable with the seller. Meaning they owe you if the item is damaged or it’s not what they described. 

If you’re planning to sell, make sure you sell items in bulk when it comes to brands that you can easily purchase anywhere else like Forever 21, Target or Old Navy, especially if it’s clothes. I have had a few of my items on hold for a long time because people don’t really look for Forever 21 items since there is one on every corner now. 

Nevertheless,  I suggest you give this app a try, you never know what item you just might find that will make you feel beautiful. 

Here’s the rest of what I wore: 

Booties: Madden Girl

Shorts: Levi’s Cut-off DIY

White Top: Joe Fresh 

Acessories: Fossil 

Watch: Marc Jacobs 

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