Perfect Size for a boho dress

boho styles style=
Hey babes!

I’ve been searching for a maxi dress that can resemble some of the most expensive dresses out there. I love the boho style that brands like Free People, Spell Designs and Anthropoly make and sell!

But let’s face it, I’m broke and I’m not going to spend $300 on a maxi dress!! (Maybe another Henri Bendel Handbag .🤔😋 )

So I went off to Target on Monday in search for a cute bikini for 4th of July since I’m spending it on the beach with my little family and my in laws. I’m so excited, my soul loves the beach and its vibe! I love it when there is sun and when it’s thundering, I wish I could just live by the ocean. When I’m old and retired – I’m moving to Los Cabos, I’ve made up my mind to settling down there.

boho styles style=
So what was I saying?

Target, bikini, on a mission! Honestly I’ve been wearing the same bikini forever now and this weekend my sister called me out on it! Waaah!

But you know how you get when you find the right bikini that covers you in all the right places, just the right amount and doesn’t let your tits hang out when the wave hits you from the front part of your body, you grow to trust it and love it! So why not wear it again?!

Whatever, the sad part about this was that I struggled to find a bathing suit! They were not on sale, therefore they were too expensive! When is Target gonna have coupons for stuff like this? 😩.

So I looked in the sale section, the place where I should’ve looked before and I found pieces of the bikini outfit. Although they are not the same color, they look good. You’ll see I’ll show ya later!

Anyways I got distracted and wandered into the sale of dresses and tops, and I found this dress! So long and flowy! I love the color and the way it crosses in the back, Target never fails to impress me! I looked at the Price and I loved it $9 ! Can’t beat that! The size was what killed me! Can I pull it off 🤔.

boho styles style=
It was an XL – I’m a medium, usually I can pull off a Large or Small maybe if it’s stretchy or has wide arm holes. I was optimistic, I tried it on and I wanted it! It was a perfect boho look! I could go bare underneath no bra no attachment or I could buy a dainty bralette to go with it. Whoever invented Lacey bralettes, thank you 🙌🏼.

Never think about the size of the fabric, think about the style you can create with it!

Think beyond to achieve a flawless look and when you do your mind will effortlessly let you create it.

boho styles style=
🌸Texas Sultry🌸

Oh P.S.

I really wanted to show off my moto style denim jacket from Forever 21. Moto jackets give it that edgy feel. I’m a sucker for edginess 🤘🏼

boho styles style=


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