D•I•Y Cut Off Summer Distress Shorts 🌺

Happy Sunday! 

I couldn’t  wait to show you how I created these distress shorts! Everything sexy and creative comes with a few blood, sweat and tears literally! 

If you have some jeans that you just don’t want anymore because they’re washed out or you are not interested in them anymore. Cut them, make them into something new! 

Let’s get started :

Here a few things you might need to get them cut and distressed. I find that using sandpaper is way better to distress jeans, make sure you buy the one with the most grit.

•Some Bleach (that’s optional)

•fabric scissors


•Tailor Ruler

•Some Old Jeans

1. Size Up The In-Seam of your shorts.

To get it at the length you want, take the tailor ruler and put it against the inside of the jeans inseam, like the picture above and with the pencil make a small mark between 4-5 inches. If you want to make it shorter you can later cut another inch. 

2.Cut It! 

Take the ruler once again and make a straight line across the Jean to carefully cut all the way through. Make sure you use fabric scissors for cutting any type of fabric, if you use regular scissor you can make jagged cuts or tear across the fabric. 


The hardest part of making you shorts distressed is roughing them up! It is also my favorite part.

Use sandpaper with the roughest grit to make the edge of you jeans frayed. You can also use scissors to scratch the denim and make it more distress, this takes a few seconds to get the perfect tear. Don’t cut slits or holes in the denim because it won’t look like a natural distress tear.  

I ended up getting small slits on my fingers from going ham with the scissors just so they make the perfect tear.

Some of the parts I like to get roughed up are the bottom edges of the short, the belt loops, the back pockets and the top edges of the front and back pockets. 

 I distress and cut up most of my jean shorts, only because I am picky on the length on my shorts and how distress I want them. Plus most of the denim shorts I wish to purchase are expensive. 

4.More Distress! { this part is optional}

Bleach is kinda messy and if you mess up let it happen! Using bleach can help get a perfect tear, so you can spray them or drop bleach to the spots that are already torn or spray them on new spots. 

This is where I kinda messed up! 😑

 Don’t stress out  if you spill or cut more than you needed to, if it happens it was meant to be! 

Be careful using bleach  make sure you don’t get some on your skin or on the clothes that you are wearing, also make sure you put an old towel inside the Denim if your planning on using bleach – just so it won’t seep through, now that could just ruin it! 

The last part is washing and drying them, this is the part where the fray and all the tears widen and become more exaggerated.

Here are the results! 🌺

I ended up liking how it looks folded up! Hopefully yours comes out looking like you wanted them to! 

Check out my Instagram for more details on what I do through out the days- @texassultry 

💋🌺✌🏼️ Happy of 4th July, be safe! 

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