Sweet Sunday 

Hey babes,

I’m back! I haven’t really posted anything in awhile and I missed it! It’s been a pretty busy week, I had school this summer and that’s done for now, one of my husbands best friends got married and I had to take my son to the clinic for a check up all in one week!

I felt so inspired to do a Texan outfit earlier, now that I have gotten around to do it my mind had a hard time putting things together. 😓

Sometimes to get me out of my funk I like to watch some YouTube  beauty bloggers , one of my two favorites are Desi Perkins and Lustrelux . They really get me pumped to do my makeup and get all dolled up for the day, it was about time to get the ball rollin’.  ❤️

I wanted to wear this top for forever- it was difficult to pair it since their was a pattern across the top that came awkwardly in the mid section. I just needed a crop to to pull it off!

Since my son was looking cute with his boots, I thought it be great to show him off a little. Although getting him in those boots were a struggle it was worth it. His feet are chubs, so all the shoes he wears need to be torn a little on the side to make them stretch out.

Here are the details of our outfits:

I purchased my Lacey top one random day walking in to TJmaxx, the jeans are from F21 and my boots are from Cuadra. My earrings are from earthbound trading and my watch is from fossil.

My son is wearing a top from Baby Gap and so are his jeans, his boots were purchased at a second hand store here in McAllen called Children’s Orchard.

They sell a ton of children’s second hand clothing. You can also sell to them your children’s old clothes that don’t fit anymore and take toys and books that are taking space in your home.

Hope you guys get a little inspired today! Have an awesome Sunday! ✌🏼️😘 – Texas Sultry

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