Summer Evening Outfits

Here in Texas the heat brings in the laziness, trust me girl sometimes you just want to go on in your shorts and T-shirt to your friends house and come back home to fresh cool A/C. But for those days that you just feel like dressing up and putting on some heels, going to the bar or catching a bite to eat a fancy restaurant you have been dying to go to, here are a few outfit inspirations I brought you.

Neutral Beige

 Take advantage of summer colors and outfits, like shorts and short sleeve blouses – neutral colors like beige are a sexy cool way to wear when your going out to a special evening event like a restaurant with your family or a date. I am wearing a Bailey44top, I recently got at poshmark! You can learn about poshmark from another post here.

Done be afraid to wear your heels with shorts, it actually makes your legs look longer and leaner, it is a great way to show off a little skin without pushing the limit. The only advice I can give you is if your over 23 or a mommy – go easy on the length of your short, times are trying when you want to pull of a Hollister short-short. All I have to say is your young and beautiful – just be aware of what you are wearing, your outfit says a lot about you!

Sweet Edgy Vibe

This is my favorite fashion inspiration for you to try! The ponytail and the tight braids are back in, and wearing them with a sweet skirt like the one I have on, can catch anyone’s eye. It is a true fashionistas desire to be edgy without wearing all the black, so you wear pink.

Try pairing a tough Moto Jacket style= or a Vintage Band Shirt style= and pairing it with a Cute Midi Skirt style= of any color or print and some cute sandal heels or wedges, heck even sneakers. It might not seem like an ideal night outfit with sneakers, but it is a risky take to wear out and give a statement.

I tried giving a statement by bringing on the Moto Jackets style= and pairing it with my top and skirt so that edgy feel of the outfit is still there. TIP: Moto jackets, no matter the season are always in! I know its always hot, but the nights are cool in the summer and you can risk being in your jacket temporarily, besides we all know your going to be indoors were its cool- and if you are outdoors, well take it off girl, wearing it about your shoulders looks cool. To get the sweetness of the outfit I paired it with my  Chinese Laundry Heels style= to tie the look.


Black Tights

This is my weakness! I am in love with all pleather/leather/faux leather things, especially if they are in black. This is the ultimate outfit, You can basically wear anything with black tights like these. Right now Express is doing it good with their black faux leather clothing, even though my bank can break with purchasing these you can sign up with them to get rewards through credit cards or with their free rewards program.

Get some of these hot black faux leggings style= and you will look great going out tonight! These are great for going to the bar or if you are going to an evening out with the girls. These are a true statement, I love pairing these up with suede thigh high boots or with cute grey booties to comfortably walk around town.

I paired them up with a off shoulder top style= and some patent booties. I also got this awesome Stuart Weitzman Booties style= at poshmark, someone did not want them so I offered to buy them! The amazing thing about this app is that sometimes you cannot believe the price of the products other poshers are selling because they are remarkably cheap!


The other day I was strolling through Poshmark and I went through a poshers closet, they had sold a authentic, cute black, untouched Chanel handbag for only $80!!

I cried a little that day , if only I had known or followed that posher I would have gotten my hands on that little handbag and finally have a piece of Chanel in my closet. Ever since that day I have not stopped to search Poshmark.

If you want to try poshmark download the app! I when signing up get this code: HFMDO and you will get $5 to your Poshmark Account!


Well there you go girls, don’t forget your beautiful, sexy and smart. Dress up and do your hair, get ready for the weekend!!





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