Favorite Instagram Fashion Bloggers • Inspiration 

Everyone gets their fashion inspiration from somewhere, whether its friends, designers, family and bloggers. On Pinterest, magazines, TV – your choice to dress the way you want to comes from creativity.

Here are some of my favorite fashion Instagram bloggers I typically admire-their style brings my shopping level to another level and the way I look at my closet everyday.

Claire Marshall

Her edgy vibe and cool tattoos makes her a total badass,she has an easy cool girl style that makes her look effortless.  Her YouTube channel describes her lifestyle, beauty and fashion – something I love to listen to.

Hey Claire Instagram

Claire Marshall @heyclaire Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram): You Tube: Claire Marshall



Her name is Camille, I recently followed her on Instagram and although her personal blog is mostly French, I love her style! Its very minimalist boho with a touch of rock and roll, her Instagram page is name Noholita – go admire her fashion style .

Camille’s Instagram



Thrifts and Threads

Since she’s a fashion mom, it is hard not to follow someone who has something similar as yourself. She has great fashion sense and it is all so chic and simple – all effortless.

Thrifts and Threads Instagram

Top 5 Striped Tops: BLOG:Thrifts and Threads


-Texas Sultry


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