This Weekend…

I got so caught up with my actual surroundings on this mini vaca to San Antonio, I was hoping at the end of the day I took enough pictures and disappointedly I didn’t. Here is  a little taste of what happened and how awesome this weekend truly was.


When we got there we were so hungry and we headed to the first restaurant we saw, plus we were looking to cool off since it was hot and humid. We went to Café Ole, a Mexican restaurant, the food was alright – I think it is a great restaurant if you want to eat fajitas and tacos and maybe get a large drink! My sisters are pictured above and Roey and I are pictured below.


My outfit for a simple day out in this heat is a off shoulder top, with some cut off shorts and some booties! I’ll give you some  links below where you can get a similar outfit.

off shoulder top
dv by dolce cita booties

Outfit Details

Off Shoulder Top : I love this style of top, it is great for this summer and  why not continue wearing it with the upcoming of fall!
Cut Off Jean Shorts: These are my favorite pair of shorts! I DIY-ed them myself. They were Levi Jeans but I did my own little cut out with out distressing them. Want to know how to cut off your jeans in to pants -> Cut Off Summer Distressed Shorts DIY
Dolce Vita Booties: I scored these booties at Target! They are so cute and you can also rock them in the fall!

off shoulder top
denim shorts


This is where the real action happened!

We went to S.A. to watch Blink-182, A Day to Remember and All American Rejects! Okay so we totally missed All American Rejects and I was to blame because I couldn’t decide what to wear!! When we got there A Day to Remember was about to play, that is one of my all time favorite bands! This is a band (if you like to really like listening to Post Heavy Metal) you can Run to or you just wanna jam out! It was an emotional concert for me,  by all times one of the best I’ve have been to so far!  Blink 182 killed it and with some of their new stuff that came out is really good and totally worth listening to.

A Day To Remember



 This is the part where I forgot to post what I actually wore to the concert. In the end it was just a simple Grey Top with some Levi’s Black Skinny Jeans and some Lo Pro Vans Sneakers . Next time I’ll get the details on what to wear for a concerts and get you prepared.


-Texas Sultry

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