Wear the Kimono! 

Hey guys! Time is going by so fast, recently I have been working on Poshmark and fixing up my closet, sending sales and working on new art work!

I have also been touching up on my home, tidying it up and attending to my 18 month old. That’s the hardest work to do, all my attention is to him, it’s hard keeping up!

Well I missed posting pics and styles and this time I wanted to show you guys how to style up a kimono. It’s the most easiest thing to layer and it is great for the transition from summer to fall. All of these Kimonos I bought at Forever 21 and I’m a cheapskate so I had to get them on clearance!

The Long Kimono

how to wear a kimono

This is my favorite style of Kimono to wear because you can dress this up –  Like for a night out in town, bust out your sexy heels and own it.  You can also  wear this down –  With some casual booties and some shorts and great accessories to make it stand out.

Since fall is coming you can wear it with a maxi dress and some cute sandals, I am not ready to give up my summer dresses even if the summer is almost over. I take advantage by wearing my wedges with the my long kimonos – it exenterates your body and makes the kimono look effortless.

how to wear a kimono

Here are the details to my outfit and similar styles to this kimono:

Long Leopard Kimono
Blue and White Boho Kimono
Floral Kimono
Orange Printed Kimono

how to wear a kimono

The High- Low 

how to wear a kimono

This is a different style of kimono, those that are cotton and mixed blend are the ones that more for casual wear. Like the one that I am wearing below has slits on the side and is a High-Low style. Those that are High Low are very easy to pair up with jeans or some leggings, if you are rushing to get out the door and you want to look like you tried – this will save you from looking like a mess! Trust me, when I’m in my house looking like a bum and I have to rush to make errands- I grab this kimono, put some shorts on and vamonos!

how to wear a kimono

Here is where you can find a similar kimono to mine:

Pink Linen Kimono
Printed Cotton Blend Kimono
Vintage Print High Low Kimono


Chinese Laundry Heels
Vegan Leggings


how to wear a kimono
The Mid Waist 

how to wear a kimono

This short kimono is my favorite – now I don’t really think it is a kimono any longer since its short, but for the sake of the blog let’s go with it!

It’s LEOPARD! My favorite print ever, you can find similar – just click on the links below. One of the good things about this kimono is that you can wear it with almost anything- even dresses, polyester materials are light weight and easy to wear and wash, so it is great for the summer. You can also save it for the winter – down here in South Texas, the winters are not so cold and it might be a great idea to wear it over a sweater – if the weather is right, just to give it layers.

I like pairing old school band tees with these kimonos especially this leopard one, I love the edgy vibes. As you can tell I couldn’t wait to wear my thigh high boots, I have so many its impossible to wear in this heat,  but if I can wear jeans and boots? Why not my Thigh High’s?

how to wear a kimono

Listen up! Here are the details:

Womens Leopard Cardi
Floral Loose Kimono
White Print Kimono


Earth Bound Trading Earrings
Gold Fossil Womens Watch
Fossil Bracelets


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