Poshmark: Kid Style 

Recently Poshmark made kid and men’s style available to sell and buy on the app. I can tell you it is so much easier to buy things for my kiddo and my boyfriend now and to get things at a ridiculously low price! 

If you haven’t gotten it yet do it! Get this code:HFMDO and get $5 credit to your Poshmark account, it is super easy and addicting and it’s way better off buying on this app at times.  

I recently made a purchase of 4 pairs of shoes for my baby boy for only $25 and when we received the package the seller included a free pair of house slippers for him too!

These are all barely worn converse, the top are yellow low tops, below are genuine leather high tops with vintage sole.

Below are the white high tops, my favorite by far. There was also these navy nautical boat shoes but they are a size bigger so he couldn’t wear them yet. 

All these were included in one package and it was great! I love them and I know he does too! 

Hope I made your life easier with shopping and your kiddos! 


Texas Sultry 

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