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Don’t you ever feel like making a statement! Have fun with your clothes and mix them with different prints. Coordinating Fabric Prints can be a little tricky when you want to stand out, when it comes to this, there is always a way you can pair them up with something fun and funky, than just those regular jeans or black pants.

Fall is almost here and prints are IN! This is a great way to transition from summer to fall, even if it the weather does not call for it. I’m gonna give you some tips in how to match prints, textiles and color for that spontaneous side of you.

Dress Up Babe

The easiest most convenient way to have fun with prints is by wearing a dress. If you are not comfortable by mixing up fabrics yet, ease into it with some fun printed dresses.

print maxi dress outfit

Quick Tip: For that season transition, do not be afraid to wear those summer colors in Fall, those dark bold colors are a great combination with Summer colors.

If you must know…

I purchased this beautiful printed maxi dress from – POSHMARK. That’s right, the app I wont stop talking about in all of my blog posts. This dress was never worn, in fact it still had tags on- If you are interested in joining this shopping app here is a code : HMFDO – to get $5 credit into your account. So when you are ready to shop, you will spend $5 less in your purchase.

chelsea and violet print maxi dress

Outfit Details

Printed Maxi Dress: Chelsea & Violet
Lace up Sandals: LuLu’s
Earrings: Kendra Scott Maury Earrings

Similar Styles

Maxi Dress:
Maxi Printed Blue Dress
Red Paisley Printed Dress
Floral Printed Boho Maxi

Lace Up Sandals:
Brown Lace Sandals
Mid-Calf Flat Gladiator Sandal
Odema Summer Bohemian Coin Stud Sandal


Neutral Print

When it comes to combining prints, mixing leopard is a great way to neutralize the outfit since it is considered a neutral pattern. So if you have a top or pants that are like this print you can wear them with patterns like paisley, gingham, plaid, polka dot or floral. Things that you have to consider are colors and the size of the pattern, so if have a big leopard print- look for smaller printed patterns or vice versa to match the bottom or top.

paisley blouse  outfitmixing prints outfit
With mixing patterns you also need to consider what color combination could place in your outfit. It gets tricky, but once you get the confidence to be bold with the outfit everything falls into place. So if you look at your color wheel, you can pair the neighboring color, contrast and the three color combo(split complementary) to go with the outfit – so for starters pick a color that goes with your top or bottom clothes and match it with a color in the fabric.

color wheel.jpg
Hope this Helps!

When working with a busy pattern, always try to tone it down so it easy on the eyes with some solid colors- use your handbag, shoes or belt to make the outfit put together.

mixed prints outfit

Outfit Details

Paisley Blouse: New York & Co.
Bottoms: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shades: Eye Candy

Similar Styles

Lucky Brand Women’s Floral Paisley Top
Lucky Brand Women’s Paisley Peasant Top

Leopard Print Pants
Leopard Print Palazzo

Studded Black Belt
Gold Buckle Belt

Matching Colors, Mixing Patterns

This is another easy way to make the outfit, using different patterns but using the same colors within them. With this you still have to stick to the rule that is using different size patterns, so if you are mixing your top using big pattern your bottoms have to be a small size pattern in order to make the outfit put together.

mixed print outfit

You can use similar style patterns – like floral shorts with a floral top but remember to make the color combination almost similar, although the colors don’t exactly have to match – it is about seeing the colors coinciding within each other.

mixed prints

Outfit Details

Top: Violet+Claire
Bottom: Saint Tropez West
Shoes: Target Style
Shades:Quay My Girl Sunglasses

Similar Style

White Floral Top
Black Stripe Blouse
White and Blue Floral Shorts
Black Polka Dot Shorts
Suede Nude Heels
Patent Nude Heel Sandal


mixing prints in fashion

Hope it gave you some inspiration and maybe you can try these techniques!
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