Austin – Houston TX

This past week was such a rush!

I haven’t been able to write but today I finally got some time. As you may know, I have signed up for school to finish what is left of my degree with a chance to graduate ASAP – most likely by next year!

Here is to high hopes!🍻

A long with that- the weekend was just jammed packed with adventure with my sisters and their best friend. We first drove to Austin to visit and pick up my youngest sister who is attending UT. I wanted to go downtown since I never been so at night we painted 6th street red!

The next day we went to eat brunch at Kirby Lane and drink some mimosas. To be honest I wasn’t a big fan- maybe day drinking is not my thing or just the mixture of champagne and OJ is just not my taste. 😶

All in all the food was delicious! 😍

So if you ever thought about going out to eat for a late breakfast or lunch- Kirby Lane is where to go!

Then we packed our bags and headed out to Houston – if you haven’t added me on Instagram you already know – I was super excited to go see Drake live in concert!

He’s one of the many artist I loved since he started with his mix tapes a I needed a one dance Drizzy!😭💕

My sister Michelle, who is badass and mostly takes the pictures, got us these shirts for the concert! She’s is the one wearing the fluffy blue skirt.

All of the outfit details and where to get hear tees will be linked below!

Don’t miss drakes concert #summersixteentour 2016! I promise you it’s Lit! 🔥😎 one of the best times I’ve ever had!

On Arlette (Right)

– Top : Trendsetters Republic

On Michelle (Middle)

– Top and Skirt: Fashn Haus , McAllen Tx

On Me

– Top: Trendsetters Republic

The sad part about this is I forgot my camera and had to use my iPhone, so everthing was blurry and dark.

​​but this is the best I could do!! 😭 I promise there will be a next time and it will be even more legit!!


XoXo -Texas Sultry

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