Another brick in the Wall

It’s amazing when you find hidden artwork on streets.

Let your mind get creative, even if it means dressing up with some casual shorts and high heel mules. By letting your mind do the simple things, like dressing up how you feel makes you sexy and unique, it gets you one step closer to finding out who you are and getting you comfortable in your own skin, gaining confidence and pride in you.

One thing that I always do to figure out how an outfit can effortlessly come together is go through Pinterest. It is one of my favorite things to look through when I have trouble making my mind up or if I am stuck with a piece and I want figure out how to put it together.

As you know I gain a thrill by shopping at thrift stores and finding vintage pieces. One of the things I recently have gotten from thrift stores are old band tees-I love dressing tees up with cute sequined accessories, like this vest from Miss Me Jeans I bought at Poshmark.

Why would someone get rid of an old band tee? The worn out the better it looks-if you wear it the right way. So if your boyfriend, brother or dad own old tees that they want to throw out or don’t wear anymore my advice to you is to wear them out and dress them up.

Band tees are very rock and roll, this is the style I am most attracted to and get my inspiration from edgy artist like Gwen Stefani and Cara Delevingne and fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot and Selena Quintanilla. 

I wish I could give you more details of my outfit but honestly everything but the shoes were Thrifted. My jean shorts were cut off by me and my vest was bought from Poshmark- like I mentioned before. The leopard headband is actually a skinny scarf, I love leopard anything and I thought it gave the outfit that edgy vibe. 

My shoes are from Vince Camutoand I bought them from I love these shoes I wear them with anything and take them everywhere since they go with almost everything.  I splurge on shoes because they are the one thing that can last you forever if you take care of them and it’s one thing that makes your outfit complete, with the perfect shoe you can feel confident.

Until next time -Texas Sultry 💕

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