A Henri Bendel, Kind of Girl

Hey pretty face!

Let me tell you about something uniquely awesome that you need to get your hands on.

Have you ever heard of Henri Bendel? This fashion brand is an original New York brand; A classic that was here since 1895.

This brand was actually started by a man – Henri Willis Bendel straight from Lousiana who moved to NY as milliner, to live the big life.  He opened Henri Bendel as a retail store and he was the first to sell Coco Chanel here in the U.S in 1913.

As a designer and businessman he began to trademark his masterpiece and was the first to have a NY Fifth Ave. Address. He was also the first to hold a semi annual sale, fashion show and offer makeovers at his own store.


That’s a little background information for you!

You know I’ve seen the show gossip girl almost all the way through, my younger sister was in love with this show. One of the characters- Blair Waldorf, is infatuated with this brand and I remember loving the style and fashion represented.

I went to Las Vegas with my boyfriend and In-laws one summer vacation, and inside the Cesars Palace holds the largest mall I have ever walked in….so far.

I walked inside Henri Bendel and immediately fell in love with everything inside this store!

I told my sisters about this and it didn’t hit me that this is the store Blair Waldorf loves until my sister scolded me for not knowing from the start! Duh!


Image result for henri bendel
Fashion Illustrations by HB


Through Poshmark I bought this Henri Bendel skirt, mind you that HB does not make clothing products anymore. I was eyeing this piece for a long time, since it so hard to find – it was going to be mine!

A true vintage piece- with patch work print of bright pinks and purples, indigo and bright orange. Its very  chic and classic, above the knee length and excellent to wear out in the day with your girls or at a romantic evening out!

I also scored these high heel sandals from Chinese Laundry at Poshmark. Retailing at almost $100 I scored them for less than $20.

Not everything you see in Poshmark will be new, I suggest; if you do decide to register for Poshmark, is that you only buy from buyers that show great pictures or ask for better pictures and more information from the product.

Here is my code for receiving $5 extra buckaroos from Poshmark: HFMDO

I have a lot of designers and brands that I truly get inspiration from and when I read about their life and background. I hold on to my dreams a little tighter and mentally tell myself that this will be me one day- I will be successful and live my creative passion.


Image result for henri bendel
Fashion Illustration by HB


 Find out which Bendel Girl is you?





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