Flying off to neverland…✨

Halloween is here! 

My favorite holiday of the year! I love to dress up my family in cool costumes and place fall decorations in my home- it’s a great chance to be creative. Also, I get to put my makeup skills to the test.

This year we became part of Peter Pans Neverland story. I sewed my baby’s little hat and shoes by hand, the shoes backfired- but the hat fit so well! Everything else I found at Postmark like, Roey’s coat and my Wendy dress. Ales costume was found at a local thrift store, so I really saved a couple of hundred bucks on us for these costumes.

I hope you enjoy these pics of my family and get a little inspired for next year, or get a cool idea for a birthday party.

Silly, unprepared pictures are my favorite!

Can you tell he loves me?!

My Handsome, Captain Hook



He may not like kisses, but I’m gonna give him some anyways!


A little photobomber

Wendy Darlin’

My little mischievous Peter Pan

I love you


 Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.-J.M Barrie,Peter Pan

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