5 Days ‘Till Christmas: Sporty Day Outfit

I’m a mom and sometimes it’s difficult to handle yourself and your child, meaning your hair won’t look perfect at times or you’re wearing sandals in 40 degree weather. On the other hand you make sure your little one is bundled up and wearing a clean shirt and hopefully matching socks.

Here is something I usually wear on a everyday basis.

Similar – Faux Leather Jacket

Lo Pro Vans

White Long Sleeve Crew Tee

A white tee goes with everything and although I’m the messiest person in the world, I can usually take care of them. (Thank God for Shout!)

I added a black faux leather jacket, one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I love faux jackets because they can make the simplest outfit pop and give it a little more edge for a effortless look; if only I could wear them year ’round. My jacket is from F21 but I purchased it for a low price on Poshmark.

I also added the ultimate accessory, my vintage Yankee cap to wrap up the outfit. I threw on some silver earrings from H&M, my Vans and ran out the door.

Vintage Yankee Cap




These last few days in Texas have been beautiful, I cannot complain about the weather. I love this season since I can bundle up, wear sweaters and drink hot chocolate and the fact that Christmas is just a few days away!



-Texas Sultry

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