4 Days ‘Till Christmas: A Cozy Shearling Vest!

Similar Style Shearling Vest

I love this shearling vest! It is one of the pieces you can wear Fall and Winter – and here in Texas that means wearing it when the weather calls for it. This is the best to piece with a long sleeve blouse because it an open vest that has a long wavy neckline, that way you look proportioned to its length.

This is a super cozy piece to wear on a casual date, just pair it up with some cute denim or some comfy leggings for that ultimate winter look. You’ll look fab!

“The sun is in my eyes, woke up and felt the vibe!”-KW

Ha! The sun was literally in my eyes – very blinding.

I hope you guys like this winter inspiration piece, more to come! I am counting down the holidays! XOXO

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