Sneakers and Joggers

Hey guys,

I know, I know its been forever since I posted anything!

I miss putting content and explaining my outfits out for you, life has been hectic with school, my sons terrible two’s ( I blame those little chompers of his, they are still growing out and I can tell it irritates him.) and just life in between.

Recently I was able to host a fashion show for Miss. Weslaco’s & Miss Texas Onion blossom pageant and that was a great experience. I promise to show an awesome blog soon, just hoping I get myself those pictures, all of the clothes they sponsored us with was from Lionels Western Wear – they have tons of neat fashionable pieces that you cannot find anywhere else, perfect for for spring.


So back to the drawing board… I got  these joggers that I’m wearing at this store where clothes gets sold at a lower cost because it has a “defect” for like $6, sometimes you just have to think outside of the box when you go shopping.

here’s’ a similar style ->Marled Grey Joggers .

I love being cozy and I love how they look with sneakers and a white tee. My hubby came in clutch and bought these Flyknits I wanted since forever ago. These  are awesome customized  Grey FlyKnits and they go great with a slouchy tee and cute shorts or whenever you want to look sporty.

Hope I got to inspire you a little bit for your day! Until next time!

Xoxo – Selene


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