Embroidered Denim Jacket•DIY

Hey Babes,

I was so excited to show you this piece I was working on for a very long time! 

I was so undecided on selling this old jacket on Poshmark or keeping it. I thought of reinventing it and bringing it some cute details by patching on some  embroidered  roses that I bought on eBay. Although they took a while to arrive, it was worth it. The patches on the front were iron on and the ones on the back I had to sew by hand, but it was a diy project I wanted to take on. 

The trousers are vintage straight leg high waisted pants and I paired it with this neutral crop top with matching heels. For similar styles click below:

Nude Crop Top- F21
Mavi Jeans Jean Embroidered Jacket
Red High Waisted Trousers – Misguided
Hope you love it ❤

XoXo – Selene

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