Polka dots: Fashion Inspiration 

“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.”

Edgar Allan Poe

Ok so, I have had this beautiful polka dotted top in my closet for almost a year and I never wore it. It’s not like I didn’t want to wear it, I forgot that I even had it. My heart felt that rush you get when you score a sale item at your favorite store when I was reunited with it once more.

Sometimes polka dotted tops feel dressy but if you know me and you’ve read some of my posts, the style I lean on is like a sophisticated bohemian edgy rocker type- also meaning I don’t have a selective style, because fashion is everything to me.  I wanted to style it up with my favorite BF Jeans from F21 I wore like a million times, because I love them so much and they fit with almost every top I wear! This outfit can be worn for a brunch date just to feel a little edgy and also for night out in town and if you wanted to wear a leather skirt just to go that extra mile,you totally could! 

Here are the similar styles from this outfit:

Kate Spade Polka Dotted Top
Sam Edelman Studded Shoes

Tory Burch Patent Handbag
I really I hope I inspired you and wishing  you a very stress free spring break! Enjoy💋

XoXo – Selene

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