The Thrift Trip: How You Can Save, Tricks and Tips 

I can easily go to an thrift store and cant help but get a little excited. One of my sisters (who is also my photographer) is also and avid thrift store shopper and my mom looks at both of us like were crazy. She tells me she can’t look through the overwhelming amount of clothes and go through every single hanger and also, its second hand clothes.

There is a ton of SHC that has been left off to thrift stores or goodwills, these clothes might have ended up there because the previous owner was probably tired of the same ol’ same ol’. One of the things you can do if you’re tired of you old shit, is have a garage sale and get yourself a little bit of cash for the weekend and if you haven’t heard me say it enough you can always sale your cute Rebekka Minkoff skirt that doesn’t fit you anymore on Poshmark. (There’s a market for everything.)

Pohsmark is an awesome app the everyday person can use to re-sale clothes, accessories, shoes and its not just for women but for men too and in fact you can sale your kids stuff too. Getting rid of clothes this way is not only smart, since your earning some cash and saving some too (if you want to buys some SHC) but its so much safer for the environment. Clothes get tossed away everyday, amounting up to 15 tons in landfills at the end of each year and that has only doubled in the last 20 years!

If you want to contribute to saving cash and saving the environment, here are some tips to help you on your thrifting adventures

Get There Early

When you want to go thrift shopping, you have to go early enough to get the good stuff or at the end of the day, you will probably get the scraps and the clothes that nobody really wants.


Although some of us have more time to do things in the weekends, it is tough to find cute stuff and usually the stores are packed with more people than a regular weekday. You will shop more comfortably and by my experience, shopping in a weekday will lead you to a successful thrifting trip.


Some clothes are vintage and that’s ok, some clothes don’t really have value or are not from a specific brand but if you know that the material is in good shape and its in good quality, keep it. I have come across various pieces that don’t have tags anymore but are stand out piece that I know will look good.

Sometimes I will look up brands of tops on my phone while I shop and see how much they are worth before I purchase it. Like if I am shopping at a regular store like Nordstrom, Marshalls or Dillards – or where ever you go and you like that style of top, jeans or whatever the item is , I’ll save the brand name on my phone and look for it on Poshmark to see if they have anything cheaper or similar.

Updating Clothes

When I go to the jean section, I think about how I could cut this jean or make it into shorts, this all depends on the brand and style once again. Usually I look for old vintage style jeans and I size up twice since most vintage styles run really small. If I want to cut some into shorts, I usually look for Levi Jeans. They have a good good quality textile, so when you cut them into shorts, you can easily fray them and they shape your booty really nicely. Also Levi Jean shorts run about $30-$40 bucks – damn!

Another thing I love to revamp are old T-shirts, usually band shirts. Now these babies are rare and the first trick to this is to look at the men’s thrift section and look for your appropriate size. Sometimes I look at the smaller mens size, but I will not be afraid to look at the Large sizes, sometimes you’ll find awesome shirts you can totally rock with shorts or leggings and wear as dresses/tunics. The second trick is if it has a hole, you can always cut similar style holes to make it distressed or any style you like, like shaping it into a spaghetti or halter top.


Shopping from a second hand store can help you save when you are in a tight budget saving you $100- $500 (that’s something worth bragging about). Also it will help that itch, when you really want to go shopping – trust me I have been there and its relieving.


These tricks and tips are something to keep in mind when you go shopping next time, whether its online or at your next door neighbors garage sale. Remember to be open minded when your out shopping and think of it as something creative you can do with your wardrobe to make you stand out. To some it may not be your thing, but if you want to give it a try go with a calm sense to find some good shit.



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