How to Give a Basic Outfit -Ooompph!

Hey Sultry Babes,

Sometimes you wanna just wear a simple tee and some plain Jane jeans with some sandals and call it a day. I need an outfit that can withstand my daily duties as a mom. Now that I work, I like to get ready and I’m gonna show you what I do to look good even if i’m wearing something basic – even in slacks.

Here are some tips you can actually use in a professional setting like your office or after hours when you need a drink after a long ass day, or when you are just gonna do errands. These things work for me put you can definitely put your own touch to it.


Wearing a Basic Solid Tee

This is the easiest and most fun for me to use, because I can wear long layered or chunky statement necklaces. I usually wear stud earrings with this combo, because I don’t like wearing matchy-matchy accessories or long earrings with my chunky necklaces, only because I don’t want it to look too busy. I either use the necklace or use statement earrings.

Another statement I love to use to make my basic outfit pop, is a crossbody. Make sure that your crossbody makes sense with your outfit or your shoes. Like if you are wearing gold and the trinkets in your handbag are gold or if the color on your handbag is complimentary or neutral.

The Realness of Jeans

I love jeans, especially boyfriend jeans (I am obsessed with the slouchy look). When wearing jeans and I want to wear a simple tee I usually pair it with a distress set. It gives it a little more texture to the whole situation. Another favorite of mine is ankle jeans, They look put together especially if you pair them with strappy heels.

Slacks for Work

Lately, I am loving the slacks look. You can wear a simple top with some plain slacks to work (even a solid white T-shirt). The only thing is, when wearing a white T-shirt to work you have to work tricks into it.

The Tricks

-Don’t wear pocket T-shirts, only blouses.

-Subtle printed slacks and sporty side stripe are a perfect way to pair a subtle tee.

-Don’t wear flats; heels make your laid back look a little bit more together.

-Pop on a (faux) leather jacket to make your outfit edgy and seem like you actually care to be at work today.

 The Shoe Counts 

When you are looking for shoes, make sure that you review this list below. I pretty much think about how I can pull shoes off with a simple outfit, especially since i’m a mom on the go, go, go! ( It doesn’t help that I am always late).

Here’s a main key – shoes make the outfit. Without the shoes looking good, your whole outfit will look bleh. So polish those babies, take care of them and leave them in a box if you have too. No matter how much you paid for them take care of them.

-Stylish: You want to look cute and at the same time keep up with the trend, like those summer mules or chic booties. Dont be afraid to use wedges or strappy heels to work, take an extra pair to change just in case. If your’e anything like me, keep a pair of sandals or flats in your car.

– Comfortableness: Sneakers are my favorite right now, especially a pair of converse or low pros from vans.

-Usage: You want to think about how you are gonna wear your pair of shoes or where you can wear them to. If you are gonna go travel and take long walks, make sure you prepare with a bootie or sneakers that you wont be sad if god forbid – your sole comes off. This is how the whole list ties together.




The struggle is real guys. Hopefully these tricks, help you in your future purchases and keep you pretty and your wardrobe updated.




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