Cropped in Summer

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It feels like this Summer get’s even hotter as the months go by. I feel like I need to run out in just a bathing suit and just get into a pool somewhere – No F’s given. This heat is crazy! Enough with the small talk – If you did not already know I recently moved homes and oh my god! It has been crazy.  Its funny how you find things that you don’t even need and find things that have been gone for a long time. Some of the stuff is just piling up waiting to be sold in a garage sale or in my empty Poshmark account,  which reminds me that I need to keep adding items! The transition has been a little bit tough on my son, Ale and my fur baby Bailey, both of them cry or complain that they want to go “home” – back to where we used to stay. Of course Bailey will usually just whimper and stay close to the window (he’s an outside dog) but I love it here – its much more roomier and convenient for us, it was time for a change.

Well in the process my photographer friend Emma, helped me a bunch by showing you guys this cute piece by Zara which I got on their Annual sale awhile back. I love statement pieces and this top can be versatile since I could tie it up and its a great transition piece for fall. Its Embroidered which I love, because they’re great eye catcher and since most pieces are hand sewn the work can be shown off and it’s worth it for you wardrobe. I added this crop top from F21 that usually I wear to layer with shirts that are sheer and these boyfriend jeans are from American Eagle for the slouchy laid back look.

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Get the whole inspired look Here !

Hope you babes loved this style, remember to add me on Poshmark at Texas Sultry!

XOXO -Selene


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