Southern Edge – Texas Style

With minimum makeup and messy hair I am here to tell you when you are getting ready for the day, and you have run out of time, don’t forget to at least put some perfume on, a little tip from me to you that makes me feel like at least I have my shit together.


Another thing that makes me feel complete or at least half descent, is a pair of heels.

No matter what, if I am wearing my old raggedy jeans or that comfy shirt that has those questionable holes – my heels make me feel like my life is complete. I scored these heels on Poshmark. I paired them with amazing belt I bought at Lulu’s and I’ve been holding this belt for a long time now. I literally sat in front of my closet trying to pair up outfits that were based around this belt I am not gonna lie, it was pretty difficult getting something out of this belt. So I did what a girl on a budget should not do…

I went to the mall, and my thoughts were ‘I will probably hit Charming Charlies and after that I’ll call it a day’ only because there is way too much temptation for me and my credit card here.  I got lucky! Charming Charlies was having a huge sale, I was really excited! In the end I bought this dress for about 5 bucks- I thought of my belt. I purchased several other items for a lot less, your girl needed accessories.

There is many ways you can style of dress or top, for example, you can dress it up with heel and a sweet belt, or if you want to go boho you can strap on some sandals. The print of the dress and the style can give many alternatives to what you can pair you accessories up with.

Next time when you are getting ready for the day think  of being bold, there are no rules to fashion.

XoXo – Selene

P.S., here are some similar styles:




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