Backyard Dress

So this year I’ve been trying so hard to finish off school. I really am gonna motivate myself to getting that piece of paper – just so I can have an official title and accomplishment in my life. I want to excel and hopefully get a great career, I love being creative so that’s another goal in my list of life accomplishments.
Before school started I made sure I had a really relaxing weekend, before I cleaned the whole house and all. I stayed in with my hubby, my son and my dog and I watched 100 movies on HBO and Netflix before the chaos began, it was as if I was training for a life of no life; Only because I am dedicated to taking 6 classes this time around. Well it only gets better from here on out, so le voy a hechar ganas.

Since I’m a shopaholic on a tight budget, I went to the thrift store( no surprise there) and picked out this loft dress. Originally dresses from loft are around $100 bucks and I got this one for about $5, I couldn’t wait to show you guys! Its perfect for going to a party, brunch, dinner dates or if you like me hanging out  with your cute hyperactive puppy.


 Hope you got some inspiration. 

Don’t forget that sometimes, even the most fashionable things you will find at the least expected place. 

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Xo- Selene


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