Vintage Clothes & How to Care for Them 

Here’s a little vintage for you!

Some of the pieces I purchase make me feel complete. I try my best to take care of my clothes especially my vinatge pieces, even if they cost me a dime. If you read my previous blog about taking care of clothes and recycling them, you would know that it’s one of the biggest wastes around the globe! Here are some things I do to take care of my pieces.


This top is one of my favorites, its vintage, a little sheer but nothing dramatic. When you get some vintage pieces keep in mind that it is always better for you to wash them delicately. If your like me, there’s always days when I get lazy- so I toss them in the washing machine in a slow setting always on cold. However, if your piece has sequins or rhinestones, don’t get lazy with that; Hand wash them or it won’t last you long and it probably won’t be worth reselling it again.

Tailor or Fix

Have you ever gone to a thrift store or even a regular shop, and seen a tear or broken buttons clothes? Be positive and see if the item is fixable, if the item is torn to the point you think it’s gonna be a struggle don’t bother, chances are you won’t fix it or it’s not fixable, plus once  you are already thinking about it chances are you won’t think about fixing it later on.

I have a few items that had broken buttons or fit me a little too big, you can always put brand new buttons or get someone to tailor it for you or help you fix the zippers. (Flea markets have people who can help)

Hope you guys think twice about getting those pieces that you think have no chance. Remember, you are saving the environment by renovating a vintage piece and you get to add a unique item to your closet.

Get details on my outfit:

This top has no brand and I got it at the thrift store. The jeans are from forever 21 and the bag is from Charming Charlie’s.

Similiar Styles:



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