Fall Style: Texas Edition

Fall is here! What a wonderful season, my favorite of all,  since Halloween is around the corner and the days start to get cooler.

I mean we all know what the weather is like in Texas,everyone always mentions it… its hot.

Well here are some pieces I organized for you Texas babes.They are awesome sales that are going on around the ending of season, so you can still dress up stylish in the fall in Texas with a summer twist and keep your wallet on a budget.

CLICK THE TITLED LINKS  and Hurry though! These sales wont last long!


For the stylish innovated gal, who wants to stand out in the crowd by looking like a million buckaroos! WARNING: Some glances, stares and the occasional “where did you get that?” will occur.


Those girls who love to keep it black and white and yet love to add a splash of color; it never hurts. Lets add a little bit of glitter,studs and some distress in the mix. Its a complicated lifestyle but we keep it cool.


Keep it stylish with these cool pieces, and just in case someone challenges you into anything, you are ready set go!


Work it girl! Look stylish with these professional pieces. You deserve it!

Hopefully you matched your own style into these organized pieces.

I bet you don’t know which one I love and pertain to the most? Get inspired sultry babes!







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