5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence!

A blazer is the ultimate style piece you want in your closet. With it, you can create tons of outfits from sophisticated to edgy.

My motto is : “If you see something you love! Get it or regret it!”

Of course stay within your means. I don’t want to be responsible for letting you blow your money on everything you love! LOL.

My Blazer has been sold out! But here are similiar styles from my shoot:

B.R. Blazer

B.R. Plaid Blazer

Stand Collar Blazer B.R

Here are 5 Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem

1. Drink Water

There is nothing like feeling fresh and vibrant through out the whole day. Something so small like drinking water makes you feel like you have been blessed!

2. Help Others

This will help you and your soul come to amends. Helping others, donating or helping with non profit organizations will not only help you professionally on your resume, but will make you think about life in another way.

3. Get a Jumpstart

Wake up early to go run,do exercise get that heart pumping early in the morning. It’s gonna be tough at first but you’ll feel like your ahead of the game once you got a rhythm.

4. Eat Good

Don’t go on a “diet” if it’s not necessary. Eat what you like and dessert too. Always eat with good size portions and don’t forget your greens!


This is something I personally do to Boost my self up. Wether I’m having a shitty day or I have a lot of pent up emotions (good or bad). I sing… in my car, at home or in the shower. I have not mastered the Karaoke in public yet. My time will come tho…

So here are all the confidence boosters I suggest you want to do, just in case! Trust me it helps. Don’t forget to be yourself, trust in you and follow your dreams- whatever it may be. We are all here to achieve our own goals.

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