Let’s Party 🎈

Have you ever gone out to long for an outfit for a special event and ended up not wearing what you initially bought? Well yeah, I have. This skirt was suppose to be worn for my graduation. As I walked across that stage aiming for that administrators hand in hopes of not tripping, I was suppose to wearing this shiny skirt.

Once I got home, I changed my mind. I imagined myself in a totally different dress for graduation. I even told Roey, ” this skirt could work for Christmas or New Years!” He agreed. Funny fact about Roey, he’s a total sport dude but when it comes to fashion looks for my blog or any regular day, he knows what he’s talking about. So if my sisters or my mom are not around I count on his opinion. The only thing is that he doesn’t like to be extra with my outfits.

Anyways… here are the details!

I worked with this cute silver pleated skirt I bought at JCP with a white silky tank top and a black leather jacket to give it some edge. For tights I used these fishnets I bought a Burlington for $6 and it game with another regular sheer pair.

Since this skirt is a midi I used open toe heels. For some reason with midi skirts I either have to use high heel shoes or boots. I tried using short booties and ankle booties but I’m only 5’4 and I look short and frumpy. If you girls have longer legs I think it would look perfect on you.

Here are some affordable similar styles!

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