Winter Snow Trip: Necessities & Gear

We went to see snow in Ruidoso, New Mexico with my In-laws, Roey and Ale. It turns out we went during a snow drought – if that’s even a word.

Snow has not fallen since October! 😱

I read on a weather channel article that NM has broken a record of snow not falling for a long period of time.

Although snow didn’t fall it was still cold. We still went to ski resorts and snow parks to play and slide in the snow. It was fun and exciting, especially for Ale!

Here are some of the things that I learned that you might need for a cozy warm winter vacation!

Hope you found this useful. I’m a girl who has never been to snowy places or where it gets lower than 40 degrees. If you take vacations or live in snowy parts of the world! Comment and let us know what’s important to take when traveling or visiting!

Always –


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