How to Turn Heads: Outfit Inspo

One of the reasons I love winter and fall, is you can wear you big coat, fur vest, exaggerated boots and all these cute items that are super cozy.

Here are some head turning items that can catch other fashion babes attention, remember to be comfortable and dress how you would love.

  • Cute Hat

This cool paperboy hat I bought at Burlington two years ago in spring. My mom was the one who saw it and told me to buy it, this was before this style started to take off. I thought it was cute and bought it for 3 bucks. Remember as different the style is or if you think that style is not on trend, buy it! You can be the start of it.

  • Textured Top 

I love ruffled, woven, embroidered tops. Anything with texture can really make an outfit complete. You wouldn’t even need any other accessories. I bought this velvet Pleated top at JCP for $5 bucks.

  • Quirky Accessories

Pick out the most unique earrings, handbags and those different items that you would typically find anywhere or anyone wearing. I wore these cool fishnet pantyhose I bought for $6 at Burlington. It came with another pair of a different style.

  • Cool Shoes

Sometimes you need that pop of color to compliment your look. So go bold with that unique leafy print or that hot pink color that you saw. Sometimes those weird shoes are the ones that make the outfit complete without any additional accessories, think different and out of the box.

  • Bold Bottoms

Like my skirt? I got it at Zara! Of course Zara is the fashion bloggers go to brand. I love the different structured clothing and quirky styles they have. This skirt is not too short and fits perfect. Think about the texture of the bottom and how you can rock it with something unique in your closet. Think what other texture item can I pair it up. You’ll have an easier time deciding.


Well I hope this gives you the little inspiration push your mind needs when you decide to go a little out of the box.

Here’s another hint: the quirky stuff is always in clearance or sale racks!

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