Peek-a-boo Bralette

Sometimes it’s difficult finding a way to wear your bralette. They’re cute, Lacey and so comfortable. With spring coming up, this look can be a great way to wear for vacation or festivals.  Here are several way s you can try this look:

Oversize T-shirt 

Usually wearing an oversized T-shirt with a wide neck or a long V neck is a great way to wear a bralette. Not exposing too much but very subtle and casual.

Try these tees:

Semi Sheer Blouse 

This is a good way to be fashion forward,  I personally like wearing this outfit for a night out. It’s flirty and fun!

Cute Bralettes


For this look, I wore an open blouse top. This look is basically for a night out or hanging out with your girls, its fun and flirty. I found out that when you have a top that is either too big or see-through or has a long cowl neck like my top, you can take a chance on wearing a bralette.

Here is similar style top for mine:


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