Oh. It’s Cold.

It’s chilly once again. No surprise.

I took these pics next to my house. On my neighbors lawn. It’s fine, considering I take pics anywhere!

Recently I’ve been loving these jeans from HM. They’re boyfriend, high waisted and distressed. The sad part was that I confidently stuck my foot in the jean without being careful about the torn knee hole, so I tore it further. Now it’s bothering me because I know it wasn’t suppose to look like that and my knee gets stuck on it when I bend lol. It’s my little meticulous about certain things. Especially my clothes.

Oh well, I still love them. They’re like my new favorite pair.

Here are some similar style jeans! Be careful with the torn parts!:

Hope you guys love these Jeans! And like always, I hope that my post inspires you in your outfit decisions.

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