Vintage Kimono Duster

Happy Monday!

On the day of this shoot I was determined to go and get these shots, despite the windy weather. Being in this kimono was difficult since I felt like I was flying away with it. My best friend, Ashley was the one helping me take pictures and when the next day came, the weather was perfect and not windy at all with high sun. I know now to be patient. I can be necia sometimes.

Let me tell you a little something about this red beautiful piece. I love this kimono duster. It is one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now. I wear it in my kitchen while I’m cooking, on my couch just chillin’, I wear it everywhere.

I bought this maybe 6 months ago, thinking I was gonna fix it right away. It took me forever since I was busy in school, we moved to another place and then work. But I am so happy I got to mess with it and even more happy that I get to wear it how I initially thought I would

When I first saw this in the rack I had to have it! I knew what I wanted to do with it. I bought this piece at the thrift store. It was kind of like a mumu with a zipper. What I did was just tear off the zipper carefully and opened it so it could look like a kimono duster. I love the length of it and the fact that it was vintage.

Every time I go back to thrifting I hope to find a gem like this all the time. It’s a hit or miss, but this is why I keep going back!

Here are some similar styles like this Kimono:

If you guys ever have a question on what you can wear this with let me know! I love to help!

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