Lucky Stars

Thank your lucky stars everyday.

I was taught to pray and to thank god every day and night, since I was a kid. I really believe that there is a greater being above us, who created us and made us feel and live our lives how we are meant to. I never lost that touch.

I know it’s a different kind of talk this time but i felt like it’s something I wanted to share with you. I learned that no matter what religion you are or what you believe in. Believe in yourself and everything will come to place. Always be thankful for the blessings your receive and the way your life lines up after a series of unfortunate events. 🤓

So you all probably already know about these jeans.

I wear them all the time.

I talk about them all the time.

It seems like I only have this pair.

But trust me I have a whole closet of jeans.

Roey always makes comments about it.

The baggy and loose fitting is what catches my attention more these days. And I’m here for it!

This cute top I bought at Marshall’s. The holy grail of stores. It’s from Lucky Brand (click the link to get this top). I just love things that relate to the moon and stars because of their mysterious ways and how you can find them in the night sky shining so beautifully.

Here are some more similar style tops:

Hope you guys have a beautiful day, and I hope you find this style inspiring!

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