Where to Buy Children’s Clothes : My Top 5 Favorite

Here is to my strong one of a kind moms!

You ever wished you could shop somewhere else for you little one, besides the regular stores nearby. Ill show you my favorite places to buy good price, quality clothes.


I have shopped more at target than ever before, ,especially after I had Ale. Targets line, Cat & Jack are the cutest collection for kids. I love that they are inexpensive , the quality is great and it is super stylish.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.07.03 PM

Target Shorts Denim  – $5

Zara for Kids

I love Zara for everyone, even for myself. But the kids style is what I love the most. I love that most of their shoes and accessories are more cutting edge.  They also have beautiful jackets and jeans at a really good prices.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.18.16 PM

Zara Denim-$30

Joe Fresh Kids

I loved Joe Fresh when it was available at JCP. When they discontinued it I was sad, they have comfortable clothes and it was a very affordable brand. I searched for it until i saw that they held their own website. They sell clothes for everyone at a affordable price, I love their kids section, since it is all very simple and refreshing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 2.05.06 PM

Joe Fresh – Rain Boots  – $22


Poshmark is my favorite app to use to buy any clothes. When I go to new stores I usually check their brands and search for then on poshmark to seek better prices. One thing Ive learned from shopping there is that, you have to consider their additional shipping. So if you bundle talk to the seller. Make sure you buy from sellers with a clear picture who have more than only one picture.

Childrens Orchard

Another favorite place of mine is Childrens Orchard a thrift store of only kids clothes. You can even sell your kids old clothing to get money back or store credit.

Hope you find a new favorite place to shop for you little one!

Until next time!


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