For some reason last week I ended up cleaning my whole house and did not even have time to post! Also I was going around looking for Roey’s birthday gift. I ended up going to JCPenney for these awesome casual shorts for him and a button up too. He doesn’t have enough of those. There’s always coupons going around JCP, that’s why you’ll always catch me there. They definitely bumped up their style of clothes, some of their new lines are so cute!


Here are the items I got him!

Plaid Button Up

Tan Longboard Shorts

Going back to this outfit. I simply wanted to show you guys the bright neon green shoes. For the most part I hit up Charlotte Russe for all my shoe fetishes. (I got these there) But I also love shopping at Nordstrom rack.

Get shoes Inspo here & similiar styles! These are perfect for spring and summer. Don’t get overwhelmed with a little pop of color. Get fun, be loud, get creative.


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