Light Colors// Boho

I’m in love with spring! I think it’s my favorite season of the year. All the flowers are blooming and the trees look greener and everything is just beautiful and fresh.

I’ve recently have fallen in love with plants and having a garden and doing things outside. It’s not like me at all, I’m not a nature girl at all. Roey and I have come closer to buying a permanent home and every time we look at a house, we start dreaming of what we could put where and what we can grow outside.

But more about this outfit. I got this fluffy sleeve top at Zara online after Christmas was over. It was on their sale side, and this skirt is from H&M.

The booties are old AF, but I love them so much and I try to take really good care of them. When going for a beige and blue tone print, I try to bring the minimal colors in the print. For example in my skirt it has a hint of white, so I can naturally wear white top without being exaggerated. It’ll flow and look seamless together.

It’s always important to pair your accessories with the colors in your outfit, it could be matching or it could be something totally neutral. Depends on how you wanna wear it out and the statement you want to make.

I hope you guys love this look!

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